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Answers for some of the most common questions that we get for our wine tours.

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Q: Can we get a production tour of any of the wineries?

Absolutely! Our winery partners love to showcase their work and how their wine is made. Of course, we do need to make sure that they have the staff available to give a production tour to our group, and each winery can vary based on the day and time. Let us know in your booking request that you’re looking for a production tour, and we’ll do everything we can to accommodate your group.

Q: Can we play our own music?

Absolutely, yes. Our bus has a hookup and Bluetooth that should work for almost any phone. We’ll rock whatever music you want to listen to!

Q: How many people are on the tour bus with our group?

If you booked a private tour, it is just your group! We also have more economical semi-private options where you can share a bus with other small groups, it is completely up to what you are comfortable with. Every reservation gives you access to your own personal guide/driver and your own decorated and reserved bus. For large groups over 20 guests we may need to use multiple buses.

Q: How much fun is too much fun?

We can tolerate a lot of fun! Our driver and guides love what they do and want to entertain your group. The wineries we work with are also very friendly to our groups. It’s a wine tour, you’ll be drinking and having a great time! The only thing we ask is that you and your guests be respectful to our driver, the winery staff, and the bus itself.

Q: How much will we get to taste at each winery?

Right when you get on the bus you’ll be served a champagne toast just to get things started. From there, we will take you to two or three different wineries with wine tastings included. Each winery is a bit different, but you definitely will not be leaving this tour sober!

Q: Is the tour bus decorated?

Absolutely! We decorate and theme each tour bus based upon the event you are celebrating, or any custom requests that your group has. We spend many hours customizing each bus and take pride in how good our decorations look. We want your experience to be special!

Q: Is there anything to eat?

Yes, we will provide a gourmet charcuterie board at the first stop which has meats, cheeses, grapes, crackers, and more. What is wine tasting without a little charcuterie? For sunset tours, since they do not do tastings past a certain time, we will provide a food and drink credit which you can use for anything that you’d like. These tours have a full restaurant available.

Q: Is there someone available to take pictures for us?

Yes! Our tour guides will be driving you around but are also happy to take as many pictures as you want. We love to show you a great time and help you collect all the memories that you’ll be making on this amazing trip.

Q: The date and time we want isn’t showing up on your calendar, what should we do?

Our wine tours are popular, and will fill up especially on weekends and holidays. While our calendar is fairly accurate, we do get some reservation movement, and in some circumstances have the ability to deliver on a day that shows as booked. Please give us a call and one of our tour coordinators will work with you to find something that works.

Q: What does the bus look like?

We operate clean, modern tour buses. These aren’t going to be your regular airport or city buses, all of our vehicles are limo style so you can listen to music, sip champagne, and socialize in comfort and style. We even decorate and personalize the bus based upon your chosen theme or event! All the seats face inward so you can easily see and talk to each other.

Q: What happens after I submit my tour request through your website?

We will immediately check our dates and availability to make sure that we have the ability to give you an amazing tour on the day and time you have selected. Our calendar is fairly accurate, but there are situations where we do not have our drivers available, a bus is unavailable, or other unavoidable situations on certain dates. We will get back to you very quickly (within 24 hours) once you submit a request to us and send you a final email confirmation to verify that your date is locked in and you are good to go. Once you receive this email from us (or phone call), you will have the opportunity to provide your payment method for verification and then we are 100% confirmed. Our tour operators will work with you to make sure we accommodate your special occasion, tour theme, itinerary, and more. Then, get ready for an amazing time!

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

We do not require a deposit before locking in a final booking, however, we do need to authorize a credit card (hold) a smaller amount to verify your payment method. This amount will only be charged in the case of a cancellation before the tour date. Our cancellation fee is $198 up to two weeks prior to your tour date. Within two weeks the cancellation fee is $498. Please contact us if you have any issues and we will try to work with you on this. We absolutely hate to charge cancellation fees and can usually find a solution that will work for everyone. It takes a lot of time and resources to plan and prepare our tours so we encourage everyone to be ready to go before final booking!

Q: Where can you pick us up?

We can pick up / drop off from virtually any location in the Temecula area! This would include any local area hotel, residence, rental property, or public pick up location such as Old Town Temecula.

We can pick up at most Temecula VRBO / AirBnB’s as long as the road is PAVED and not located in De Luz (West side of the 15 freeway up in the winding hills)

Q: Which wineries will we be going to?

Unfortunately we can’t make any guarantees as to which wineries we will go to on a given day and time. Many wineries are only open to groups during certain hours, or not at all. We also need to make sure that the winery is prepared and able to give us the top notch service that we expect for every tour. Given that Temecula can get very crowded on weekends, we also need to make sure that our groups can get in and out in a reasonable time, we don’t want you stuck at one place all day! For those reasons, we will customize your itinerary closer to the tour date. If you have any special requests please call us and our tour coordinators will try to work with you to accommodate.

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