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When we came to the Temecula Valley 20 years ago, we wanted everyone to be able to experience it the same way we did. On our wine tours we’ve stuck to one simple philosophy: Enjoy wine, and have fun.

There are plenty of ways to get around the Temecula Valley, but when you choose Rockin’ Wine for a tour you’re going to get something that is far beyond the ordinary. It starts from the minute we pick you up and lasts until the very final drop-off, a true VIP wine tasting experience that will let you enjoy the best that Temecula has to offer, in a fun and inviting atmosphere with your group.

Our drivers are interactive, engaging, and absolutely obsessed with giving you the time of your lives (oh, and we’re great photographers)!

Voted most fun and best of all time!

Not to brag, but these awards mean a great deal to us.

It is a perfect representation of our philosophy and how we make every single wine tour group feel. When you love Temecula and wine country as much as us, the outstanding feedback that we get on our tours feels amazing.

Your safety and comfort is our first priority. Our second? MAKING SURE YOU HAVE FUN.


Let’s be honest, wine can be intimidating.

With hundreds of varietals, styles, and every combination in between, it can sometimes feel overwhelming during a tour.

We don’t do that! Our drivers are there to make sure you have fun, period. We don’t care if you have never tasted a drop of wine in your life, or if you are an industry veteran. Our goal is for you to have fun and have one of the most amazing tour experiences with your group.

Temecula Valley has a low-key, inviting atmosphere that is approachable for everyone.

Best of all, it is only minutes from the major metro areas of San Diego, Los Angeles, and Orange County. With beautiful rolling hills, a cool ocean breeze flowing through the valley, and a quaint downtown, you won’t forget your experience here in Temecula.

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Tours tend to fill up fast on the weekends so make sure you plan in advance if you are going during a popular time. We’ll do everything we can to accommodate your group.

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